What is Sri Lanka visa requirements for E-visa application?

What is Sri Lanka visa requirements for E-visa application?

Sri Lanka has with recent time because of the development and trade has emerged as one of the places where people go for tours. People plan long outings to Sri Lanka and the place has become a hub for travelers and destination weddings. People who want to have natural beauty and want to bask at the beach have started planning trips to Sri Lanka. Hence, with the recent times, Sri Lanka has emerged as a tourist spot as together with the natural untouched beauty the cost of living and traveling is far less than the other countries.

Sri Lankan Visa is easier to get than the Australian visa. To travel to Sri Lanka people need to file and Sri Lanka visa application, which is the first step to and the major step among the various Sri Lanka Visa requirements. Now the travelers making trips of short span (even less than 30 days) have to get an Electronic Travel Authorization known as the ETA. People can also obtain a visa for double entries to Sri Lanka who want to make short trips.

The ETA issued is just valid for thirsty days, which is calculated from the date of arrival of the person to Sri Lanka, but it can be extended with approval from the Government of Sri Lanka. The Department of Immigration and Emigration has the right to extend the ETA of the person who wishes to stay in Sri Lanka for more than thirty days. The ETA for such person can be extended to three months by paying the relevant fees.

Out of all the countries the nationals from the following three countries- The Republic of Singapore, The Republic of the Maldives and the Republic of Seychelles are exempted from the procedure of ETA if they visit Sri Lanka.

The tourists who visit Sri Lanka can apply for a visa through the online procedure and hence obtain a Sri Lanka e visa. The procedure of obtaining e-visa Sri Lanka is an online procedure which is completely electronic which includes filling up of all the details and paying the sum required and submitting it online and which is approved by the authority at Sri Lanka, which is communicated to the person seeking the e-visa of Sri Lanka through an email.

The e visa to Sri Lanka has merely two small steps. The first is filling out the online application form and sending it to the authority which if approved is communicated through email. After getting the confirmation the person is all set to visit Sri Lanka. The tourist e-visa Sri Lanka cost is about $35 USD and over which a service fees of $20 USD is paid and the e visa obtained is valid for 30 days for double entries.

The Sri Lanka application form can be submitted by any of the people mentioned:

  • The applicant himself
  • By the third party
  • At Sri Lanka overseas missions
  • At head office of Department of Immigration and Emigration at Colombo
  • On arriving at Sri Lankan port

The Sri Lanka Visa requirements are as follows. To apply for Sri Lanka e-visa the things needed are- The completed Sri Lanka via the application form, recent passport size photographs, valid passport and visa fees.
So, plan a trip to Sri Lanka and pack your bags because Sri Lanka e-visa is now easily available at some simple clicks.

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