What is India visitor electronic visa? Online office center

What is India visitor electronic visa? Online office center

Passport should be validated up to at least six months. :- There should be at least two pages available on the passport for stamping by the immigration officer.

  • International visitors must have sufficient money for spending during the stay in India and also the tickets for returning or ongoing journey must be available.
  • Pakistani visitors or visitors from Pakistani origin can apply for the regular visa through India Mission. International travelers whose only purpose is to sightseeing, meet relatives and friends, casual visit, medical treatment for a short duration and for a business visit.

Instructions for applying for Indian e-visa:

  • Indian e-visa has three subcategories.
  • E-tourist visa, e-medical visa, and e-business visa.
  • A visitor needs to apply online in advance of minimum 4 days prior to arrival within a window period of 4 months. Like if you are applying on 1 January then you can choose any date between 5 January to 2nd April.
  • A recent front-facing photo with clear white background and photo page of passport is to be uploaded while applying. Your application is subjected to reject if the photo is not clear or not matching. One more document is also required to be uploaded depends on the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Fees for e-visa must be paid 4 days prior to arrival otherwise application won’t be processed.

Once submitted fees for e-visa is non-refundable and doesn’t depend on the status of visa application like visa granted or rejected. You need to carry the print copy of the e-visa along with you with status showing “GRANTED”. You can also check the status of your visa application online at indianvisaonline.gov.in by clicking on visa status.

Your biometric details will be recorded at immigration on arrival.

Validity of e-visa will be of 60 days, it can be doubled on e-tourist visa and e-business visa and tripled on the e-medical visa.

E-visa is valid for entry through 25 airports receiving international flights. :- Visitors from yellow fever endemic areas need to carry vaccination card along with them, otherwise, they might be quarantined for six days.

E-visa application process:

Step 1- apply online and upload photo and photo page of passport

Step 2- Pay visa fees online using debit/credit card

Step 3- Receive e-visa, it will be sent to your e-mail, also you can download from the website

Step 4- Take print copy of visa and fly to India Documents required:

All the documents uploaded by the applicant must be in English otherwise your e-visa is may be rejected.

Documents required for different e-visa are- e-tourist visa:

  1. Bio page scan of passport showing details and photo, a recent photo with white background e-medical visa.
  2. Bio page scan of passport showing details and photo, a recent photo with white background
  3. Hospital letter’s copy concerned with India e-business visa

Sanction order copy issued by National Coordinating Institute under GIAN. Photo must be full face, facing front and with open eyes without specs. Plain background without borders. You can visit indiavisaonline.gov.in to apply.

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